Electric Rickshaws have been becoming popular in India since 2010 as an alternative to auto rickshaws and hand pulled rickshaws because of their low fuel cost, and less human effort compared to pulled rickshaws.

Savë’s TUKTUK-E has now transitioned from being a market entrant in the last mile delivery segment to evolve as a leading short-distance transport solution.

Applications: Last Mile Logistics, Intra campus touring, Resorts, Zoo Parks, Large Institutions etc.

Capacity  Passenger + 1 Driver
Speed 25 kmph
Mileage 80-90 km/charge (on 4.8KWh battery)
Gradability 7 degrees
Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Power 48V 1000W
RPM  3000
Accessories Tool Kit, FM, USB etc
Navigation  GPS (On demand)
Differential Dual Gear(Economy & Torque) (35 inch)